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Transportation Ethics

For fans of the New York Times column “The Ethicist“, Streetfilms has produced a video of an interview with its author, Randy Cohen, in which he makes a firm case for the immorality of urban cars and the ethical imperative to use alternative transportation.

I like how Cohen roots this criticism in a simple, traditional maxim: it does harm to others. In my philosophy studies, I’ve come across many radical approaches to environmental ethics (from deep ecology to eco-anarchism and beyond), and I’m somewhat sympathetic to them. However, I think the strongest case for environmental ethics lies in a simple understanding of ecological harm to others being just as much a violation of liberalism as other traditional harms.

While this approach is less novel and intellectually dazzling then formulating a whole new approach to the world, I think it’s much more likely to attract a consensus. I guess there’s a reason they call him The Ethicist.

Cycling in Ottawa photo pool

I’m a big fan of the photo-sharing website Flickr, so I created a photo pool for everyone to add all your cycling-related (or blog topic-related, if you want to be really fancy) photos to, at

A selection of recent additions to the pool will show up on the sidebar of our site. I encourage everyone to use a Creative Commons license for their photos so that they can be used in blog posts or any other cycling literature.