This blog was created to provide comprehensive coverage of bicycle issues in Ottawa, with an eye towards public policy in particular. Since some of its creators have left Ottawa, its scope has broadened.

Adam was born and raised in Kanata, but migrated to Old Ottawa South. He co-hosts the CKCU Tuesday Special Blend and is active in the Carleton University Debating Society. He also maintains his own blog over at Escaping Suburbia.

Josh is now living every Ontario cyclist’s dream: he’s moved to the year-round cycling paradise that is Victoria, British Columbia where he now attends the University of Victoria’s law school.

Mike, a native of Dartmouth, NS, lives in Centretown and co-hosts the CKCU Tuesday Special Blend. He sits on the City of Ottawa’s Roads and Cycling Advisory Committee.

Padraic lived in Centretown for five years while studying at Carleton University. He has now moved on, and rides his Iron Horse to the University of Toronto law school.